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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[awkward silence]...

Hi there!!!

WootWoo!!Phase 44 of Gundam SEED Destiny!!!BEST EPISODES YET!!!!

Well,my dad will have to remain in the hospital for another 2 months..T-T

I'm broke...no money*wines*T-T
Need job!!!
God and my school bill will be enormous!Since I'm in a special program called:"Concentration"<--must say in in french..Concentration Art..to be exact and so is my bros.
Those kinds of programs aren't cheap!!!

We're are on a tight budget,since my dad won't be working and my mom is a stay-home..well,mom...
God,my brother wants to buy new shoes..saying that his old ones aren't good now..since it's out-dated....WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He wears one of those PhatFarm sneakers..it's spankin' white!!It's not even ruined or anything and he wants new shoes?!!!!!!Argh!!!
I've been wearing my old Sketchers ever since Secondary 2(same as 9th grade)..yeah,my feet stopped growing a long time ago...lol...And you don't hear me complain...

I'll be changing my layout soon..like in 2 weeks or so...but would you prefer to keep this current theme or change it??
If I ever change it..it would probably be Gundam...don't know which Gundam Series...maybe Zeta or V Gundam..or even ZZ Gundam..or how about Gundam X...
You know..I see Gundam Wing,Gundan SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny everywhere..not classic..T-T..lol

Only 6 days left til school starts..I think...o_O

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