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Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?

Layout's done!I decided to put the menu bar back...
And I added a header banner..where it says "Add me as a friend" and "Private Message"...cool,huh?Took me a while to figure out how to do that..I saw it on someone's MyO..but they don't except Pm for codes..and she's not on my friend list..And I don't want to sign her gb and add her on my list just to get codes...that's not right!If I ever sign her gb,it would be because I want to befriend her and nothing else^^
So,it was kinda hard to make that code..well,not exactly "make"..since I clearly didn't make it..just trying to figure out how it works and all...
I'm geting better with CSS^^
Just learn the basic and everythings comes easily..sort of..lol

I submitted a new fan art..it's been awhile since I've posted one...
Art featuring Rukia from Bleach!My first complete Bleach fan art!^^;
Usually I would just draw sketches of Ichigo and co. and I would never color them..too lazy...
I actually to the time to color the background..usually,as you may notice..I would just draw abstract bg...yeah,laziness..^^;

Feel free to check it out and voting and comments are very appriciate it!^_____^

I have a Neopet!
Here's the description I wrote on Neopet.com
"Hi!This is my Kau..stating the obvious..>_>;
He's named after Yuki Sohma's nickname that was given to him by Kakerou from Fruits Basket^.^(but added the -Kun..)
Isn't he kawaii?!!!o_O..*glares*Isn't he?!!!...
Say it!!!!He's cute!!!
Don't you even think of making high healed leather boots out off him!!!..lol
YunYunKun says:"Hajimemashite!*bows*".
Aww..he's so polite!!!
When he was born,his first word was:"Kupo!".

Kau...funny word..my sister pronounces it like Ko..cuz 'au' in French is like an 'o'...but I think it pronounces like 'cow'...
As for his name..lol,YunYunKun..hahaha,funny..^_______^

This is what he looks like:^

Oh,since I'm sharing the comp with 2 other siblings..I won't have the time to update on my site on Freewebs...
So if you want..I can post Chapter 101 of Fruits Basket here on MyO..and of course,I also have scans!So please tell me when you comment^^

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