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Sunday, August 7, 2005


Hi there!
Hope your day is going well so far!

Most of you voted for Kingdom Hearts for my next theme...
Well...I'M GOING AGAINST YOU ALL!!!!!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!And chose Shaman King^_____^
Sorry about that^^*bows*..but I don't feel like doing KH..for now anyway...
Anyway,I was searching for a Mankin wallpaper..and couldn't find any that I like..well,that fits with the song "Trust You"...
So,made a wallpaper myself..it turned out pretty good..it's kinda soft pink..featuring Anna X Yoh^.^
And with that wallpaper,I made a banner and 2 avatars..I wanted to make a transparent GIF using GIFFY Program.
You can download it,HERE!
It will only take about a few seconds,cuz it's a small file.It's very cool,cuz you don't need an advance programs like Paint Shop Pro,PhotoShop or Adobe,etc..to make fancy graphics...^^
Trick for those who only have MS Paint:

1.Copy an image you want to use as your avatar.

2.Crop and resize it to 100x100(or any other size you want,but I always use 100x100..^^;)

3.Use the Rectangle Tool to make a border around your image.

4.Select second option(right click)on the color Brigh Green(you can miss it,it's all flashy)

5.While you have selected the second option,use the Rectangle tool again and draw out rectangles where you want it to be tranparent(kinda like umaking your own templates)

6.Be creative!!!In those green areas,you can add stuff,like some text or using the Pencil Tool to make sparkles,etc.

7.Save it in BITMAP!!!!!!!!OTHER EXTENSIONS LIKE JEPEG OR GIF will screw up everything!!!!!!!!

8.Open the GIFFY program and click on the button wher it says Load BMP.

9.Check the box where it says "Transparent" and click on an area of your image where it's bright green.Now you'll see a lil square underneath the Trasnparent option that says"Tr.[Color/brigh green]"<--square

10.Click on the button that says"Save GIF" and voila!!!!!!!!!!!
You now have a fancy avatar!!

Anyway,my brother deleted my avatar that I made and GIFFY..And I was too lazy to reinstall the program..That bastard!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to make a GIF with Paint Shop Pro?

Gundam Rumors!!!!
I read that there'll be a third season of Gundam SEED!!!
Still until
-Double Destiny
-Mwu's Counter Attack
-Mo $(I know WTF?)
-Gundam Seed Eternity
...will air on October 2006.
Source from Gunota:
"Posted at Useless Plamoya-san's Diary, the next Gundam series following DESTINY is planned for Oct 2006. However, the next series will not be SEED series. The blog states the staff will be made up so it will completely go away from SEED. The same post mentions Zeta and SEED will be the bulk of future model kit releases until this new series airs.

While information posted at Useless Plamoya-san's Diary have been reliable in the past, take this news with some grain of salt."

Source from Animesuki:

"Gudnam SEED,The Break.

It is a HUGE discussion of this issue.

Fukuda is going to be replaced, which according to that bbs is the best news ever to the Japanese Gundam fans. This series hasn't been finalized meaning the title could change but the storyline has been set already.The story is set 1 year aftre GSD.

Shaw is the "new main character" who pilots "Slash Gundam". Kira and co. will play an important role.Like in GSD,Kira will be the main focus afterworth..well,that's my opinion^^

Now,wasn't that interesting?o_O..^^

I joined a new club..Lacus Clyne fan club!Founded by Ayame Clyne.

And I also added 2 walls of Lacus and Meer^^

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