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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Hi there!
How are you?

My cousins from Louisiana came yesterday^^
My cousin,Regina brought her new bundle of joy...so cute!!The baby's name is Isabella..such a pretty name!!!!=3

My uncle just gave me $40 US just like that..he gave the same ammount to my oni-chan and imouto..
And since it was my sweet16..he said he would buy me anything I want!!!Wow..that feels awkard..I don't want to impose...T-T

My friend Val send me a e-mail..wishing me happy birthday and such...and she said that her and the rest of my friends are going ot give me a present when we get back to school...What part of "I don't want a prsent" that they don't understand?o_O...They're so kind..I don't think I deserve such great friends..T-T...I'm so lucky!!!!!!Kyaaaah!!!

Oh!!Here's a pic of Canard Pars..from Gundam SEED Astray-MSV(Mobile Suit Variation)
Sadly it's not a anime..just 2 promo videosT-T..but it's a running manga series!!
I know how GSEED is so popular...now in North America...but GSEED Astray still remain unknown..what a shame!!It deserves as much praise as it's counter part...
Even though GSEED is a series on its own..but the story is much more complete with Astray.
Have you ever wonder why and how Kira survived when Athrun self-destructed his Aegis...All thanks to Kira's older brother!That's right OLDER BROTHER!!!And it's Canard!
If you don't believe me..Raw Le Creuset did say once that numorous of Kira's siblings were sacrificed for the Ultimate Coordinator..well Canard is a fell attempt..thought he did survive!!!He pilote the Hyperion Gundam...not that impressive...and seeks to kill Kira..to prove that he's the superior one...but he ends up killing him..
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