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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?

The amusment park was fun and... wet!!!!Not because it rain(it didn't^^;)....1 word:"Splash"..if you live in Quebec and been to Six Flags' LaRonde..you know what I mean....I was soaked down to the bone!!!!>_>;;
After the ride(I was serioulsy wet)..you have to cross a bridge..if you want to get even wetter,you can stayed on it..but I didn't want to..so I started to run..as I ended up at the other side..I figured that at this distance the wave isn't going to hit me...WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway..Gomen,I didn't visit your sites yesterday..for obvious reasons..^^;...

I'm working on a new site..for EternalFaction..cuz I don't think MyO is very apropriate for graphic site...and I need more space to place my clubs and fanlistings..and all that...and Like I said before...I'll be providing scans and summaries of Furits Basket(from chapter 100 and up)..since..TokyoPop will only release up to volume 15...Japan is at vol. 17 and waiting for the last tome,vol.18 to come out...
And since I have the fortune and possiblity to read in Kanji(though I'm not that good)..I thought it will be great to share it with you all^^

I'm so happy that you all like my new layout!!Yzak is my fav. amle character is GSEED and GSD,voice by no other than Tomokazu Seki who plays Kyo Sohma(Furuba),Suichi Shidou(Gravitation),Van Fanel(Escaflowne) and numorous character in other series!!!

I'm getting better at CSS codes^.^
I got HTML down..well almost..^^;
So,I played around with the alpha filter(the opacity) of the pics in my site..if you notice how my main avatar and banners are transparent^_~
I also disabled the Right-Click function...without Pop-Ups..God!!!The no right-click code with javascripts was so long and painful for nothing!!!!!
And I was able to modify the long and confusing code for aligning a pic with text(like at the beginning of my post,where you see an Yzak avi with the chorus of the song,Shoot..)...made the code alot shorter and more simple..I should give myself a pat on the back..lol..how pretensious of me..lol..gomen^^;

Oh,and I added a Site to Visite section in the Quiz Results^^

Well,I'll visit you all now!

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