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Thursday, July 14, 2005



Hi there!!
I hope your day is going well so far^^

Yes,cable's back!!My dad's friend came and fixed it^.^
Never will I take dub anime for granted..lol
Wow..now on YTV Gundam SEED reruns every week day^.^They got Shamna King,One Piece and Sonic X on Saturday cartoon block"Vortex" now...if only they would air Naruto...dub:Ninja Academy..I think..>_>;;..FMA would be good too..or Samurai Champloo...^^;

[+]Guess what this is for-->8 days left...

My best friend,Marylène called me yesterday..she invited to go see Fantastic 4..I want to go!!!So I can complain about it afterworth..lol..usually comicbooks turned into movies aren't as good..*cough..Hulk*...and most of them screwed a lot of characters up...*glances at X-men and sequel*..and some of them are..well...fall short on quality and originality..and a lot of other aspects...compared to the original movies*glares at Batman:Begins*I could tell you all why..but that will take forever...lol
So,yeah..I'm a big comicbook fan..weither it's Marvel,DC,europeen comics(Tintin,Lupin,Asterix and Obelix...)or manga...I'm all there^.^

Anyway..my mom won't let me go..she says:"You got better ways to spend your money on.."..As if!!I hardly go to the movies...not even once a month!!Sure,I go shopping a lot..but I usually come back empty-handed..>_>;;
The only things I buy are manga and anime DVDs...*sigh*
But I'll stop complaining...must respect mother's wishes..I may not realize it yet..but it 10 years or so,I'll come to appreciate what my mom does for me...yeah,I would say to myself:"If my mom hadn't prohibit me to go to the movies that day..I wouldn't be the person I am today..gosh,she provented me from going astray and directed me to the right path in life..."...lol
Yeah,but until then..I'll still complain..a little..lol

Anyway...now you are listening Gravitation's"Super Drive"-OP theme^^Enjoy..I'll try to get"Glaring Dreams"ED theme...

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Have a wonderful afternoon!!!
Take care!

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