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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!!

Hi there!!!
I wish a Happy Fahter's Day to all of your dads and a wonderful day to you guys!!^^

So,what do you think of my new layout?This new theme is dedicated to my friend,Valery..who's Sweet16 is in 6 days!!!

As for the song...I wanted I chosed "1,000 Words"...but my music hosting account is down for now..Gomenasai!!*bows*
But at lease,I was able to save"Real Emotion" in another folder..so,I was able to get this song...I hope you guys don't mind...But,I still have "1,000 Words" sample...but,not hearing the whole song can be annoying...^^;
If you can't hear the music..let it upload..but then again,I'm sure you've got better things to do than wait..^^;Gomen*bows*

And I also added a ShoutBox..because,I've notice that sometimes I'm not able to comment,same happens to others..when that happens to you guys,you PM me(that's so nice of you^^)...well,to save you the time,you can just write in that ShoutBox^_^

And if you want to link me,the codes for my buttons are just down below!

Well,I hope you all have a grand day with your dads!!!!

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Take care^_^

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