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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another day..another Final...T-T

Hi there!
I hope your day is going good so far^^

I have my English final later this afternoon..so until then,not leaving my comp...must visit friends@_@

Lately,I feel all disorientated...I get all mixed up with my exam schedule...I feel clumsier than ever..and it's not stress!!!Funny...I should be stress out..I mean,finals count for 1/2 of my school year mark..if I fail in my finals..I'll fail that subject...And ,no way am I failing!!!^_^

Hehehe..May I ask you guys something?...*waits for an answer..o_O*...Do I really resemble Tohru Honda(from Fruits Basket)???
My friend Joell thinks so..She says I'm almost exactly like her..but A LOT clumsier...I'm not that clumsy....sure,I got almost no coordination(except when playing games and sports..NO BADMINTON..I suckT-T)..and I have really poor sens of directions...
Hehehe..she's actually standing right next to me.. and glaring at me with that smirk of hers...^^;

She wants me to put this pic...she said it remains her of me...AS IF!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well,have a wonderful day everyone^_^
Take care!

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