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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   Happy Mother's Day!!

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-Fushigi Yugi-
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Hi there!!!
How everyone today?!!
I just changed my layout again...I got bored,so I wanted to play around with my site^^This time,the theme is more upbeat!I think my next layout would about Cagalli...not sure...@_@

I'm broke so I think I'll bake cookies for my mom...heart shaped cookies...with chocolate!!I'm not that good of a cook,but when it comes to baking and cakes,cookies,brownies...I RULE!!!Not to brag or anything,but I am good at it^^I don't always follow recipes by the letter...I add some touches to make it special...My friends are like my guinea-pigs...*EVIL GRIND*Hehehe...I mean,Mwahahaha!!
Don't woory,my friends are alive and kicking(for now anyway...LOL^_~),but they seem to like my baking...
I'll update later,cuz now I have to go to sleep...until then Happy Mother's Day to all of your moms!!
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I added some new pics in my Gundam Section...down below^^
Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!Have a nice day!^^

Today's my friend,Yoh Asakura Fan's B-Day!!!So please go say Happy B-Day to her!!Just Click on the B-Day card below^^
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