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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   Lots of work to do...@_@

You're listening to Gundam Seed's song...don't know the title,my computer can't translate kanji...but it's the song in ep.31 in GS and ep.27 in Gundam SEED Destiny^^

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Prince Yuki Fan Club!(They kinda creep me out...^^;)
Hi There!
How was your day?Mine went pretty good^^
Sorry,I didn't update yesterday!!!But most of all....Gomen,I did visited you guys...I was busy...*bows*
I have to prepare for my final French exam for Friday!!!And I have lots of other exams and projects to do!!!Arghhhh! I hate this!!!

My dad just won $275 in the Lotery!!!This is so awesome,my dad really deserves a break!!I'm so happy for him^^One more nunber right and he could have won $2,000...Oh well^^

I'll try to visite everyone today...but if I don't,sorry*bows*I'll try my best^^

Pic of the day(well,it's more like an animation GIF^^;):Yuki beating up Aya-kin...LOL^^
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