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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   Ogenki desu ka?

Hello everyone!!How are you doing?
Well,my day went pretty good^^
In Morals and Religions Class,we went to see a handicap.He can't speak well and can't walk.He's actually an actor,Dave something...though I didn't know that,but everyone esle knew...^^;It was cool,Dave was very funny!!

Sorry!!Yesterday,I wasn't able to go visite everybody's site....GOMENASAI!!*bows*Since I don't have any homework today,I'll go and visite everyone who updates today and even those who didn't(if I have the time^^;)

I'm currently working on my new fan art...it's gonna be Kagura Sohma!!
I think I'll try drawing some Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE characters...It'll be fun^^
Have a nice day^^
Pic of the day:Shaman King2
This is the cover of the Shaman King 2!!!!!! I can't believe that's there's a 2nd arc to Mankin!!!
Hao looks so adorable in this cover^^
I still haven't bought vol.25!!!(Actually,I'm not even sure if it came out in Canada yet...^^;)
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