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Saturday, April 9, 2005


I told you guys...I have an unstable mind!!!!There are so many wallpapers that I like and want to put,so I change often...LOL.
I really like this wallpaper(got from clynefaction.net),it's from GSeed's 4th OP.Theme"Realize"(I wish I can host my Realize Mp3,so I can put it on MyO...)
There is a little problem...THIS WALLPAPER IS 1024X768 AND MY RESOLUTION IS 800X6OO...I CAN'T SEE LACUS!!!*starts to cry*
Well,at lease I can see Kira^_^*smiles*
I don't know why I only put Gundam Seed as my background and not Zeta Gundam(my fav.)...Can it be,is Gundam Seed getting the up hand over Zeta...?o.OProbably...LOL!

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