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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   I missed Shaman King!!!!

I had to go out to help my dad...I don't really mind,since I really don't like this episode!!!Why?........MANTA/MORTY BECOMES A SHAMAN!!!!!So what's the problem you ask?Well,THE WHOLE POINT OF THE STORY IS THAT MANTA IS NOT,I REPEAT,IT NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SHAMAN!!!!You see,Hao said that Shamans and humans can not coexiste together,but Yoh's friendship with Manta proves him wrong.Get what I mean?The Anime kinda srewed that part and the dub makes it worse!!!!

I just made a second banner for my SHBT Fan Club,so feel free to visit my extension site!!!^.^

I love my bg,G-Freedom rocks!!!I love it how it says Neutron-Jammer Canceller on its Aile backpack^.^
I want a wallpaper with Freedom or Justice with METEOR,but I couldn't find any...;_;
In GSDestiny,Kira gets a new Gundam called Nu Freedom.It's so cool!!I wonder if Nu Freedom still have a N-Jammer Canceller?At first.a lot of ppl thought that G-Savior also had the neuclear-powered weapon,but it doesn't!!!!Why don't ppl beleive me????If you want to know why I don't think Savior's equipped with a N-J Canceller,just ask!...Too lazy to write^.^;

I think I'm going to change my domaine again...sometime soon...^.^

I still haven't decide which character to cosplay as,but I decided to do Gundam Seed or SGDestiny.
From GSeed:Lacus' commander oufit

From GSeedDesitiny:
Lacus'other commander outfit

Lunamaria's Zaft Elite uniform

Still can't choose...@_@

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