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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   The funniest thing happened to me yesterday...

I forgot to mention it...
I was getting out of English class,then this girl came to see me.
Our "conversation" went kinda like this:
The girl:''Are you Jacqueline?''
The girl:''You know those"Anime" drawings of yours...
The girl:''They're not very well drawn,they look really weird!
Then,I was like*thinking*WTF??...o.OAnd I just laughed at her face and went on my way.
It was hilarious!!That really made my day!!!And I don't even know who the hell she is!!!

I got 60% in my laboratory exam!!!!Can't believe it,I passed!!!

I appoligize to everyone,I won't be able to visit your sites today,because I have way too much English homework to do.
So to the new comers,welcome!If you have the time,please go check out my friends sites!!!!!

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