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Saturday, March 26, 2005


I appoligize for those of you who weren't able to read my posts very well,because of the color...I didn't have time to change the font color.I'm really sorry for that.
And please,feel free to comment your opinion about anything!!!!If you have any problem,please let me know!I'll do my best^_^!

I just watched Shaman King this morning...I JUST LOVE FAUST'S ENGLISH VOICE!!!It's creepy,yet kind and gentle and that is so Faust!!...whoa,I just said something positive about a 4KIDS dub show...That's a first^.^!

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I had problems with the Yzak wallpaper...I WANT MY YZAK BACK!!!!
I had to go get another wallpaper...I happen to stumble upon the first Hatori wallpaper that I've seen!So I had to put it!!...though,the poem written on it is in French.If you guys want a translation just tell me,I'm be glad to translate it!

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