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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Eh...sorry,don't have an idea for a title...^_^;

Today's my bros'B-Day...so,yeah.
Happy B-Day bros...
He's 17 now...sorry for the lack of enthusiasme...he didn't even want us to sing him Happy Birthday...THAT CREEP!I wanted to sing...

Hehehehe,teachers went on strike this morning...they canceled class!
Last week when the students went on a stike,it's because of those danm politicians,who else!!They were supposed to put the 103 millions$$$$$ on scolarships for college,but instead they put it in the loan scholarships!!!They're such idiots!!!Those baka!!!!!That means when the students get out of college,they'll have $20 000 to $25 000 of debt instead of only $12 000 or so.
But that's not the reason why the teachers went stike though...and who's the cause of this?You got it,those danm politicians!!!!!

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