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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Omg. I can't believe I'm actually posting. Hahaha xD I'm so sorry for neglecting this site and for not visiting you guys. But, I guess apologies aren't what you want... want more comments from me.. maybe? lol I'll try my best :D

Hope you're all doing well!!!!!

So new layout! Ft. H˘kago Hokenshitsu. Love that manga. Lately, I've trying to read more Shoujo x3

I really enjoyed the Mid-Automne festival. Ate lots of Moon cakes (now, I'm kinda sick of them xD) A fancy box of them cost about $20. But they were on sale during the festival for $16. My parents bought so many! xD (there's 4 cakes per box)

I can't wait til Halloween :3 Bought my costume online. Hahaha, I went through 3 other costume before getting the one I have now. First, I was going to cosplay a member of Akatsuki. Then, I changed my mind and went for Amane Misa. And after that, I came across an cute Base ball palyer costume. But then I realized that "Nasty Curses" was written on the chest Dx So, that's out of the question! I'll give the costume to one of my friends, I'm sure she'll be able to do some roleplaying with her honey xD Don't even want to know how much I spent for Halloween x_X; So in the end, I'm going as the Mad Hatter - girl version :D from Alice in Wonderland. The novel and (especially) the Disney movie totally freaked me out. The Cheshire Cat really creeps me out, yet I find him the most sane out of all the characters...
If I look decent in pics, I'll post some.

I haven't been drawing much these past few months. I feel so retarded.. But, I've submitted an entry for the Winter Con :D I'm planning on drawing more and I'll even try to enter the Doujin Con too. If only I can come up with something witty.

Hahaha, I've been in rabu rabu mode for the past few months >__> lol, I'll stop at that.

Wow, long post. Sorry. <3 I don't really expect ppl to read this nor comment. But if you did, wow, thank you so much! *gives you Moon cake*
Take care!

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