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Monday, May 21, 2007

You guys can skip this part =3

I'm posting pretty late.. it's like 9:00 pm here XD I just want to rant. So here goes... (Watch out for profanity) I'm in DEEP SHITTO!!! >_>; I've lost all my French books/papers and texts.. I think I left them on the bus. Crap. Tomorrow's the exam. Shitto. And to top things off, Montreal's public transport service is going on stike! Hah!F=)ck. WTH is going on?? But my teacher was ever so kind and he's letting me do my essay at home and bring it to him once the strike is over. Yatta.

I only have this week left 'til summer break. Danm,got way too much projects to finish + I have to study really hard for this make-up test. (I failed the last one with such a ridiculous mark *hangs head in shame*) but with the projets and all that shit, my average is 52%. I usually get pretty good grades, but this class.. no, wait. It's the prof. He bites monkeys >=( !!!!! Seriously, he's totally f=)cked up. Argh.

Sorry about all that ^w^; On a happier note, I actually uploaded some fanarts (Itachi, Tifa, Parakissu, 2 Ouran Gakuen). Boy, it has been a while since I last added new art. I changed the player. It's a flash stream, so the music should upload faster... there are 2 songs: Pide of Tomorrow by June <3 and I kept Zen Me Ban, but it's really slungish...
Love you all! I'll be visit as much sites as I can! =3

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