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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hi there =)

How was your day??
Mine was pretty good =3 I only had P.E.-Badminton today.I suck badminton -__-;

My strong points(according to the teacher):
+ my form base is good;
+ my lob's are well perform (actually,he was impress that I knew how to do lobs ^0^ *cough*I played tennis all my life*coughs*);
+ I have quick reaction time;
+ I counter quickly and efficiently

My weak points:
- my serves sucked hell;
- and lacked power;
- my dropshots are too tennis-ish(again,he was surprise that I knew how to dropshot >=3 );
- my smash are weird >_>;
- I don't know how to count lol,I never understood how the points in Badmin. are calculated XD;

Gah!Did you guys know that the point system for badminton changed???!!I didn't!!!! >=/
But I actually understand how it works a bit..if I got it correctly..the points are calculated like in volleyball.WTH.

I changed my MP3 rotation.It features RURUTIA's Primery (album version).Her music is always oh so gorgeous.Scroll and download if you want,don't forget to read the requirements. =)
There's also a RURUTIA wallpaper that you can download.Just click on the thumbnail.Enjoy =3
Take care people =)óż

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