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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hi there tout le monde!!
Comment allez-vous??

I got my schedule =D Every day,except for Monday,I finish class around 1:00 pm!!!! But classes start at 8:00 am,so I have to wake up at 5:40 am at catch the bus at 6:22 am..T-T Gah! Hate the fact that it takes me about 1.5 hour to get to college -__-;;
I have like 1 class per day!!!But each cours is like 4 freakin' hours long!!!!!
I have a short attention span people! The teachers will lose me after 2 hrs!! You have been warned,teachers! >=(
lol I think I'll be fine...^^

I'm listening to lots Rurutia songs these days.I love her haunting childish whispers,her poetic lyrics,the dark,yet elegant aura that surrounds her.Whens she goes all rockish..wow!!!
But I'm a sucker to well compose ballads!!! >=)
She may not be a power house,but she has this dramatic tone in her voice...beautiful.Simply stellar.

Ok,you don't have to read this part
I'm in what I call my Golden Week of Hell.*coughs* period *caughs* O_O;;
So,right now,I bite harder than I bark.
Gah!Cramps..really hurt..

If you're wondering why Sexy Back keeps playing the same part over..it's one of my ringtons lol^^;

Anywho..I'll seen you all later^^ Thanks for reading.Have a good day =3

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