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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Allo tout le monde =)

Damn,je travaille seulement 10.5 heures cette semaine...je sens que le paycheck n'va pas être gros..*sigh* V.V

I changed the layout around a bit =)
I also finally changed the mp3 download.Give it a try if you want^^I chose to feature Miyavi goodness!!!
Miyavi has cool tattoos!!Guys with nice tattous are such a turn on!!! lol =3

I'm tired these days...It's too cold outside to do some activities.College Winter session is coming soon,so I don't want to spend money(school supplies are so expensive T-T).So,I can't go shopping.My mom doesn't want me to hang out with friends too much..
I'm here,inside.Doing nothing.And that is so tiresome.Strange.

Yet,at the same time...I enjoy doing nothing.Drawing when the inspiration comes,reading from time to time,watching tv or whatever..No stress.Doing things at my own pace.It feels blissful =)
But why am I tired...maybe what I'm feeling it isn't fatigue.?? But,what to you call this feeling?? Depression lol XD Madness is more likely!! >=D lol

lol it sounds like a load of crap >__>;

I'll go to sleep now =3
Maybe,I'll sound less like a lunatic when I'll wake up in 8 hours.

Until then,thank you for reading.Have a wonderful day! =)

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