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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bringing s e x y back!W00t!
Anywho,how are you doing??

I uploaded a new wallpaper & fanart.Please check them out when you have time =3

My best friend's bday is coming soon!!She'll be turning 18!!In Canada,she'll be able to buy liquor!!! lol I'll say that everytime a friend will turn 18 this year!!! XP

I changed my layout.As you can see. Some idiot stole my Arashi layout..jerk..-__-; But he/she just change the images..
I reported it to the host,so everything should be fine now...
I knew it was my coding..I coded it in XHTML.But since it was like 2:00 am so there were lots of mistakes.The person had the same coding mistakes..hmm,yeah..>_>;

I just saw 19sai PV by Shuga Shikao.It was pretty cool.Not recommanded for kids nor for immature people ^^;

I have loads of PM to go through.Most of them are MP3 rotation request..Please be patient with me,I'll reply as soon as I can. Note that I do not take request.I just upload music that I like.Hopefully,it will make people discover new music.That's all =3
Funny..I get PMs from ppl I don't even know...o_O

Well,that's pretty much..sorry if the post is too long.
Take care.Have a good day =)

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