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well this is one of my favorite songs! so...enjoy!
Hey Ya'll! whats up!? well anyways allow me to introduce myself to you..i am NItikia (tikia for short or if you want to go even shorter then Tik or as SOME like to call me Tik the Geek i do NOT know how this started lol) buto well well i do not draw much and when i do it usulaily ends up in the trash so i leave that to my very talented friendds! (you can find them at Chaos Eidolon, clockwork faerie, RedTigress, SilencetheDawn, and superdancer1992 ::waves like a madwoman:: hi guys!! i love you!!! ::stops waving and stis down as if nothing happend::) so yeah GO HAVE FUN!
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

ok so i know i havnt updated in like 5 years (ok not that long but same thing lol) and its not like anyone is going to read this anyways but o well im just bored so im typing something from ohio (visiting family) im coming home tomorow and im reallllllllly bored and going throuhg withdrawl (of my bf not drugs dont worry im not stupid lol) but yeah i really dont know what to type so im just going on and on and on but o well i think ill get on quzzilla and write some more stuff....yeah ill do that....you should go read it!! got to www.quizzilla.com (i dont know if that is spelt right but o well ) and then search users for KaliandNitikia (its me and my twin sis kali) we write stories together so yeah go read it!!
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Monday, March 20, 2006

   happy and yet..
ok i am sooo happy! for a couple reasons!! 1. slience, redtigress,clockwork and supredancer are having an anime sleepover tonight (aka staying up all night and watching anime and talking lol)so im sooooo excited!! and 2. i went shoping and im happy!!! (slience know what im talking about lol ::wink wink:: ^_-) but im not so happy tho cuz my head hurts!! (::in whiney vioce:: i hate being sick!!!) ok well im going to go do something else now mabye i should try drawing something again? but then again im not in THAT good of a mood lol bye bye guys!! i love you all!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

   ranting and raving!
sooo i realize i havnt posted a lot and im sorry but i will try much harder now! sooo yeah god i hate school! i mean the first day! and we go into Advanced Acting and guess what!? WE HAVE A MOMOLOUGE DUE THE NEXT DAY! and for those of you that do not know what a monolouge is its a speech you make as another character( its acting only you are the only one on stage) so yeah i was sooooo mad but o well i did it and i think i did ok. i actualy dont hate it but i was mad cuz i need more time to memorize! i mean wouldnt you!? ok im done ranting and raving now so bye!
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