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Hey people! What's up! My name is Luna. I absolutely LOVE anmie and manga…so awesome. My Favs are Naruto, and One Piece. I love Sanji( Kinda obvious ),Zoro Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto ( the character ), Jiraiya, and Hinata is cool...yeah that's it. I love cartoons like Xaiolin Showdown me favs. adn Jack Spicer, Omi (cuz hes sooo stoopid) and Chase....I like Chack get over it! I love to make friends, and I'm VERY hyper-active...kinda scary sometimes I'll admit to that. Please comment and sign my Guest-book.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

JELLO!! (say like hello with a j)
whats up? im soo bored but im thinking this will change soon. my sisters birthday is tommorow and i just went out to get her bday present (hanson cd) shes gonna freak cuz she loves them like a fat kid likes candycanes (aka me ><)

so i went just a few minutes ago right? and i come back and shes all over me! 'whaddua get? huhhuhuhu!!'

needless to say it was rather annyoing! but ya know i love her so its cool.

the lie i made up was kinda funny cuz it wasnt really a lie! i told her that my mom said i could go out to get candy cuz i had a sugar craving (like usual) to my sis is pouting right now...well im out of interesting things!



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Sunday, December 9, 2007

its been sooo long since i was last on!! sorry guys but i was a stupid little 14 y/o girl and got grounded for 2 months....WHY THE HELL AM I APOLIGIZING TO YOU!? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!....

anyways, i missed talking to all of you and i KNOW you all missed my crazy weird ranting...nesnes.......WAHTEVER!!

as you can tell i dont really know what to talk about, but trust me, ill find something...OKAY I GOT IT!!

on gaiaonline, it fun you should go get and account and add me luna_tick_tick...just cuz im awesome, well i met this one guy, his name is Dan and he lives in New Jersey, now i know you're all like 'and i give a damn becaaaaaaaaause????' well im telling you why.....SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN OH YEAH!! *clears throat* couldnt resist...well hes kinda sorta well maybe.....flirting?? okay, now you're all like 'WHAT!!? BUT THATS NOT GOOD WHAT IF HES LYKE SUM OOOOLD DUDE WITH LYKE...GRAY HAIR...AND STUFF!?' well im telling you that i really dont think he is....

then there's Lee, (yes 2 guys are ACTUALLY flirting with me!!) sorry i dont get a lot of attention in my life...T.T...so there you have it....my ife at the moment....wow its....more exciting that usual!....this is weird



eRiN loves YoU

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Friday, August 17, 2007

lol sorry about not being on and stuff, my cousins were here and i had peace cuz they love me like a new toy....i love medafors!!!

well im back into my Gorillaz thing...and yes i mean BACK into my Gorillaz thing! i loved them sooooo much....then i got off them for a while and am now remeboring why i fell in love with them in the first place, THEY HAVE A BRITISH SANTANIST, AND WIMPY DRUGGY, A GANGSTA FAT GUY, AND A TOUGH JAPANESE GIRL!!!! OMG LOL!!

but its not just about them....its the muuuuuuuuuusic!! I LOVE 2D AND HIS ZOMBIE OBSETION!!..........hes cool...AND MURDOC IS WEIRD CUZ HE THINKS HES SEXY BUT HES LIKE............48! LOOOOL!!...kindaisthouANYWAYS!!! THEN THERE;S RUSSLE THE POSSESED GANGSTA....just gotta have one o' thems!!!...and then Noddle...idc....




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Saturday, August 4, 2007

well thisll be short since i really dont have anything to say!!

my mom made me do all this shit today so im completly wipped out! i had to clean my room because we have family from Ireland coming over for the first time, and the little ones are gonna stay in my room, so of course it has to be squeaky clean!...damn mommies sometimes ya know? i know they 'only want whats best for you' but that gets kinda annyoing ya know?

then i told my dad to shut up cuz hes got the mind of a 16 year old! i mean come on!! so my mom took away my cd player..no music..AND i had to stay up in my room for a couple of hours!...and she made me do my summer work...that i hate...

other than that im fiiiiiiiiine!

lUnA tIrEd!!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

hey people and yes i know i spelled howdei wrong but thats how i spell it so get over it!

anyways im really bored cuz i gots nowhere to go...sad me! this guy is cleaning the carpets and stuff so we kinda haveta keep off them...no big deal right?? well i guess its okay and all since my dad is having some of his work buddies over. i hope on of the dads brings over his son alex, cuz even tho hes a big butt head...hes a funny big butt head...lol

this morning at 4:30 am my sister Laura ((the oldest)) had to go to the airport, and Eileen ((middle)) had to take her there and I ((THE YOUNGEST!!)) wanted to go too. i love the way Laura wakes me up in the morning, its all nice and quiet like...makes ya wanna wake up ya know? so ya its all dark outside ((being the 4am it was)) and i decided to get dressed...just cuz im mental! OG MEH!! we got starbuck's and dropped Laura off and we hugged and cried...okay so we didnt cry...but it makes for a good story don it?? ;)

well we get back home and we decide ((Eileen and I)) to go to bed...i slept in my clothes so when Eileen came in freakin out cuz the guy was comin early i just flipped back the covers and she said '...nice trick...'
lol her face was all O.o

well i got to go now...stuff to not do ya know!? lol

lUnA lOvE yOu
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