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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   Groovy baby
Hey people,

No I haven't been drawing much at all. I'm really not inspired these days and I need some time to find myself. Yes I am shamelessly being a sentimental fucker ok?

So I got an interview next week! Yay! (A job interview morons lol) I hope I get the job, even if I'd only get 3 shifts a week. Does anyone have any tips for one's first job interview? I've never had a job before let alone an interview so all help will be appreciated! XD

We've got a baby galah atm and it's taken us a week to finally name it. It's name is Mojo...haha cool huh?

Oh and thanks to minimewlove for today XD Here's my present to you...or it would be if I could get it for you lol...Photobucket

xo til next time

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   Total craziness
Right well I've decided something; The moment I get a job and earn enough money, I'm going to move out. I'm not trying to be a try hard or attention seeker or anything, I'm just talking cuz there's not many people I can't talk to right at this very moment cuz I'm at home and hate using the phone lol...

It's my dad. Or as I refer to him now as the crazy one lol. I seriously think he has an anger management problem...I dunno. He actually said he hated me, his own daughter heh heh...weird huh? I mean, like that actual sentence "I hate you" I know he loves my sis to death, but me...well, since he can't turn me into his lil minion he hates me haha! Oh well, My mum and I share a really close bond (I love her so much XD)

But what I was after was if anyone had any ideas on finding a place or getting a job. Saving and budgeting too lol. I haven't yet told my dad...him...that I'm moving out asap. I think one day I'll just say hey I'm going lol

Oh btw, I'm 16 so don't suggest becoming a stripper lol... o.0

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Well, it's my birthday tomorrow. I know I should be excited but...bleh. I dunno, I'm turning 16, most people would be excited right? Oh well, 9th is tomorrow...oh! Psych's on tonight. Hey does anyone else feel this way sometimes, or have you ever felt like this on a special occasion?

One of the only good things about turning 16 is that I can go for my driver's licence. I got the handbook now I just have to read it TT-TT Oh well, it won't be that hard. You just need to remember what was in the handbook right? And I already drive lol XD

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