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Sunday, July 4, 2004


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!^_^*YAY!Todays 4th of july!Im gonna have a party at my house.Well i already went swimming again but....HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!^_^*I gtg back to the party.Bubye.Luv-Yall.^_^*

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Saturday, July 3, 2004


Only if they were possing in front of a Hummer2 2004 that would be perfect.But those dolls sordofe look like me with the blonde hair.^_^*Yep thats me.^_^*

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Awwww!This is cute.^_^*I got all these from dollielove.com.i like them all.^_^*

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Well this is true i was born in may.^_~*.Howmany of u like this?^_^*Common tell me,Tell me.Well im still trying to put stuff on so i better get on it now so luv yall bubye.^_^*

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Do you have GROOVE?
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O la la i have a sexy groove.^_^*Who likes this?^_^*

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Hey guys!*Waves to heavy ^_^*I went swimming again,^_~*,ahhh i love the water again i tried to get a tan.But there was to many wasps and ewwww bugs.Well i fell like talkin,Well how about u guys tell me wat u wanna talk about and we will^_~*Watever u want ill talk to u about it,Well the girl above this post her clothes look like wat i wore today.Who likes my outfit.Well i gtg.so bubye everyone.*A round of hugs for everyone^_~*Bubye heavy.^_~* luv yall.

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Well i finally went swimming,But i went in my grandmas pool.^_~*Well i had alot of fun.First i got a tan for like 20 minuts then i went swimming and then i went to the clubhouse and they have laptops so u can go on the internet.Well i went on the internet and u couldnot go on myotaku.Wat a rip off.Well i had a preety good time.Hey there heavy,^_~*Well i gtg so bubye for now.^_^**Big hugs*
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^_~*Good Night!

Well im gonna go to bed guys,*YAWN*Im awfully tired but hey this doll right here is wat i sorda look like,I like to wear jewlry i have green eyes and i have blonde hair.Well who likes it?^_~*I really have to go to bed now,Well good night.*A round of hugs for everyone*^_~*Love-Yall.

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

Oweeeee.My stomach hurts i feel not so good.Nooooo Not at all.I didnt eat meat so its not sideaffects of mad cow dissese,I know I ATE TOO MUCH CHESE CHEX MIX,But how do i stop my stomack from hurting,PPL PLeaze give me ideas of how to stop a REALLY REALLY REALLY Bad stomach ache.Thankies.OooooooH.
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   San Diago! *SP?*
Well from reading wat sindalla rote i remember last summer i went down two slides one is straight down and the other kinda slants.I first went on the slanting(its about 6 stories high)And u go probibly 40 or 50 mph but at the time i was wearing a two piece(^_^*)And theres was boys standing at the end(I dont know why,If a boy reads this please tell me y boys would do that.)So i finaly was going down soooooo fast my top flew back onto my face.OMG I was so embaraced,But thats y they say put yer arms criss cross infrontof yer top.Well that was an expeirce.^_^*Here is a shoutout to greatanubus 24,Hello.*waves hello*^_~*I hope really soon i get to hear from u again.^_^* Well Love-ya.^_^*Bubye.That all was to greatanubus24.^_^*
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