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Thursday, July 1, 2004

   San Diago! *SP?*
Well from reading wat sindalla rote i remember last summer i went down two slides one is straight down and the other kinda slants.I first went on the slanting(its about 6 stories high)And u go probibly 40 or 50 mph but at the time i was wearing a two piece(^_^*)And theres was boys standing at the end(I dont know why,If a boy reads this please tell me y boys would do that.)So i finaly was going down soooooo fast my top flew back onto my face.OMG I was so embaraced,But thats y they say put yer arms criss cross infrontof yer top.Well that was an expeirce.^_^*Here is a shoutout to greatanubus 24,Hello.*waves hello*^_~*I hope really soon i get to hear from u again.^_^* Well Love-ya.^_^*Bubye.That all was to greatanubus24.^_^*
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