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"i am back." haha ne body remember when i put this up? lol yea altho it served good perpouse i had my site deleted by some one we all know and love. then i was a complete dick to pip and then forgot about every one but gem who seems to have forgotten about me, seee wat happens when u pick sides? my advice just watch um kill each other off dont get involed. ne way i thought i should change the site since im tryin ta be nicer and all that bullshit.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

whelp! im a happy man. because now i am talking to both Gemmy and kyo now. which makes my life better. and i must say alot more existant. without them its almost like im not me. its like i kind of disapear for awhile. i mean yea, i go to work and CC and have friends and girlfriends, but all in all. when i look back, its like noone but me knows i was there. Theres no blogs, no comments, no e-mails, no texts. its like im a ghost. so not being a ghost is nice.

Kyo is doing well. she is a bit concerned about boys which (i think) isnt a big deal. its not the biggest thing in her life and deffinatly not the most important thing for her to be concerned with what with school and stuff.

Gemmy is in a bad mood this week. she feels like most people are trying to make her life suck and most of that is because of shitty teachers who dont relize how much she works and how much she give up to study so hard.

well thats all really, it was hard ofr me to sign in because of MyOs site construction but it finally worked, so hazzah!


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Monday, June 30, 2008

i havent been on in forever. honestly looking back on my time here, i can barely remember who i was. but i kno it was crap. i feel as though i've completely shed my old self. i havent talked to ed in a while. the last time was half a second at a convention.

i miss you guys, but dont know if i shud talk to you. i havent in so long. you dont kno me or trust me anymore.

i would adore a chance to speak with gemmy. and kyo who has always been a rational voice. looking at your profiles and seeing recent updates, im almost jealous at your activity, while i fell away and was forgotten.

So i must ask, does anyone remember me? Do you care anymore?


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Monday, April 23, 2007

being sterotyped and threatened for correcting grammer? ummyeah...no!
Umm this is not GAIA online people don't care about what you type and don't correct you.

I have been on here a lot long than you. I would know better. Here we help each other on art work. NOT ON GRAMMAR. Which you need to learn.

I want helpful comments about HOW TO IMPROVE MY art not to improve my grammar. I have already taken grammar when I was in elementary and intermediate school.

I hope that makes it more clear on here what your suppose to do... What you do would piss people off.

That is all for now... just don't do that again and your Otaku life with not end so quickly.


i got this PM 2day after commenting on a peice of art this person did(insert):

Just Kill Me Now
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

her comment on her art was:
Please comment and vote.

This is a picture that I drew on yesterday and today when I was depressed. I like how it came out. OMFG I ACTUALLY DID A BACKGROUND!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!

Lol well I like the background it is random and different. I hope that you guys like it too... lol

Well yeah... I am not depressed today... soo yeah..

I hope that you all like my picture and yeah...

That is all I will have to talk to you all later..



~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~

~Time, Media and Shading~

~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~

Media: Mechanical Pencil and Sakura Micron Pen both .7 mm

~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~

Time: 12-14 hrs (on/off)

Sketching: 10 hrs (on/off)

Outlining: 2-4 hrs (on/off)

~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~

Shading: Hard, soft, and Dark Black.

~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~

That is all for now cya later.

all i commented on was, that i did not this she used the word depressed in the right context. she then deleted my comment and sent me that PM threatening me somehow, about ending my life on myotaku, and sterotyping ppl, on GAIAonline and MYo both of which i've belonged to for well over 2 to 3 years through various site names. so my response to her mail was (second 1 i ddnt relize what i had corrected until this moment)
im sorry i did not put this in my original message, but upon relooking at what i commented on, i would like to say, my comment did not even have nething to do with grammer, i was refering to the fact that depression is a mental disease and not a mood. its an ongoing ordeal not a one day sad thing, i was merely saying that that sort of thing was insulting, and i also would like to say that i find it futher insultting to have you threaten me and delete the comment, when all you thought i was doing was correting your grammer.

im just saying all i did was say it was slightly offensive, or in her mindset correct her grammer, so y would u do that for corrected grammer? and btw i believe in the comment i also said i actually like her pic.


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