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I'm back! and under construction. Future theme: Inuyasha! a farewell to the anime I grew up with.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

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i made this quiz haha! take it plz!
You scored as Inuyasha before Kagome.

Inuyasha before Kagome


Inuyasha changed by Kagome


Inuyasha in human form


Inuyasha as a full demon


which side of Inuyasha are you most like?
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yay i made this^^ its cool cuz i am changed... inuyasha changed me^^
I am the Inuyasha Kagome loves
You are Inuyasha, changed by Kagome! You are a
different hanyou than you were before, and you
dont care because you love the person who
changed you. although a love from the past
still may haunt you, take a minute to think who
is the one you really want to be with. You
still have a long way to go in the attitude
department, but thats what makes you you. Oh,
forget becoming full demon, you will become a
murderous raving lunatic and lead to your own
destruction. Your cuter as a Hanyou!

Which side of Inuyasha are you most like?
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