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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

   Will there be snakes on this plane?
Tomorrow morning at 3 we ship out! Actually, 3 is when we're waking up to get ready. I say, why go to sleep? Gyah! I've been reading a book called "Twilight" recently, it's really good! It's about vampires. :]
Anyway, this is going to be my first time flying alone, well technically, I'm not going to be alone, I'll have my sisters. But by alone I mean without Mum and Dad. I'm not used to waking up early, I'm used to going to bed at 3 am. This is so different for me! But I'm exited, I can't wait for tomorrow. I love flying. I used to be so scared of flying until 9/11... then suddenly, I wasn't.

I hope to get some reading done on the plane, I just want to burry myself in the story. I also have to read Nicholas and Alexandra, yay for Russia! XD
I really want to blog about Whilhem Kaiser II but I don't really have the time, maybe later.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ron Howard!
I absolutely love Ron Howard as a director! Who would have known that little Opie Kuningham (lol) would have turned out to be so successful!
Well, we watched "The DaVinci Code" last night and I absolutely loved it. The cinematography was amazing, the actors were amazing and although it was highly fabricated, the story was amazing too. Some of the dates that they mentioned were conflicting, and the evidence shaky and highly unlikely. Like the person sitting to the left of Jesus in the last supper paining has already been identified as John, not Mary Magdeline, and if you take John out of the picture it leaves only eleven disciples. This causes trouble for the DaVinci theories.
Also the Knights Templar created to protect Mary Magdeline wouldn't have been born until a few centuries after the death of Christ. Also, it is believed that Mary Magdeline was Jesus sister, Joseph's daughter from his first wife. So there are flaws in the story all over. But over all it was wildly entertaining!
I sympathized so much with the Albino Monk's character. I felt sorry for him. *tears* He was like a strange, twisted, little kid. Poor Albino Monk!

Also I'm flying out to Texas Thursday, so I won't be able to update much. (Just when I was sorta getting back into a routine! Sorta.)
We're going to the Kyser's house again. I'm so exited, I've missed them a bundle! ^_^

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Deep thinking time...
Well it's time for deep thinking and reflection.

I went shopping with some family today. I knew I was old fashioned but I didn't know just how old fashioned I was.
We were in the mall and I was walking with my Aunt and cousin and there was this man playing celtic christmas music. My aunt remarked, "Okay, come into the twenty first century, dude."
Then it hit me, this is the twenty first century isn't it? My mind is traipsing around the past. I'm constantly analyzing historical events in my head. All day thanksgiving I thought about the time during the first settling of America, I thought of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. I thought of King James and the puritans, I thought of the native Americans. I thought of almost everything besides what was happening in the present.
In my mind children are to be seen and not heard, Till death do us part really means till death do us part. I live in a world that doesn't exist anymore. I live in a world where Aristocracy is not a dirty word, a time where the world isn't handed to a peasant on a silver platter. Where people have to work for what they get.
Here I am walking in the mall with someone years my senior and she makes the remark, "...come into the twenty first century..."
I suppose children don't become fluent in latin at age six anymore, and I suppose it's easy to break "everlasting vows."
I suppose I need to wake up. I'll wake up to the world of commercialism, a world where the motto of entertainment is sex sells, a world where the word "love" has become a clique. But you know, I think that I'd rather go on sleeping in blissful ignorance.
I'll stay inside the castle of my mind, warm in my rich bed where nothing can harm me. While the rest of the world ties the own nooses with neckties. But I suppose that's none of my concern.
Wow... that was sounded way serious.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!
To all the Americans out there, Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^
I can't believe it's thanks giving already. And almost Christmas too! Well we're going to visit the Kysers next week, we're flying out thursday. From Atlanta to Dallas it's about a 2 hour flight. So it's not going to be long at all, not long compared to the usual 10 hour drive.
Well, I got a new book about the Prince of Wales, he's been a theme in my studies as of late. It was my grandmother's and she let me have it. She never read it.
I'm saving it for the trip out to Texas. It's going to be my first time to fly without my parents. But I love to fly so it's all good.
Well I've already started mapping out my Christmas list. Everyone is getting e-gifts! And for those I know in person tell me what you want. (That means you Megumi and Mary Beth!)
Well Thanksgiving really is one of the worst holidays in my opinion. The food never tastes good because it's always cold. You try to socialize with relatives that refuse to be sociable. No body ever talks about the natives and the puritans anymore. Nobody asks what everyone is thankful for. At least this is my experience. I wish this holiday could be more simple. More reflective to it's origins. But most holidays stray from their originals meanings.
Christmas: The birth of Christ, St. Patrick's Day: a day honoring the life of St. Patrick, Valentines Day: a day honoring the sacrifice of St. Valentine, Thanksgiving: The day the natives and the puritans found a common ground in feasting, Independence Day: the day America signed the declaration of independence.
Yeah... and I want a lithograph of Edward VI. It's from 1902, celebrating the coronation of Edward VII.
*yawn* Whatever....
Bed for me.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I'm so tired...
Heeeeeeeeey... I'm exhausted! Work was grueling today.
I just want to plop down on my bed and read.
Speaking of reading I've been reading a really good book recently. It has a REALY cheesy name... "Charles: Victim or Villain?" It's about the Prince of Wales.
Most people hate him because he cheated on Princess Di. (She actually cheated on him first, but that's another story.)
But I believe he's done a lot to benefit the Commonwealth. And I respect him.
Well... I don't have anything else to say, too tired.

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Monday, November 6, 2006

I love the sims!
I looooooove the sims! I played the sims 2 at my friend Angel's house. It was so fun! I made a character named Marie and I had a son named Edmund and all this guy who was our "neighbor" named Nick wanted to be "friends" with him. Suuuuuuure. We hired this crazy guy to clean our house named Armundo, he wore bright pink and purple and he had long hair. He was always smiling, he was a liiitle gay acting. >.< I was so glad that Edmund was at school when Armundo cleaned the house. -_-'
I want to get the sims 2 for Christmas. I'd make "The Section" family. :D Operations and Madeline would be Mom and Dad, their daughter would be Nikita. Walter would be the uncle and his son would be Berkoff. Michael would just live there. lol
I can't wait until Christmas! I'm getting exited! Yaaaaaay!
*ahem* We went to the lighting of the Christmas tree the other day, it was fun. I went to the antique store and got a never been played, still in the plastic wrap, amazingly awesome record of Barbera Streisand! It's her "The Way We Were" album and it's sounds amazing.
So yeah, I don't think I have anything else to say.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

So yeah, I iz back.
I'm back from the beach! XD So yeah, it was fun, but sort of cold. I don't fancy the water much so I didn't go out far, I got panicky if it got up to my knees. *shivers*
Right now I'm listening to The Beatles, I love them. A friend of the family's has a extensive collection of Beatles vinyl, I want to hear them! He has some Fleetwood Mac vinyl too.
Yeah, so two days ago was Halloween! I dressed up as Madaline from "La Femme Nikita." It was kind of a stupid idea because I was wearing high heels, and trick-or-treating in high heels is never fun. >.<
Any way, here's a picture. Click to enlarge, you know the drill.

I had to give away half of my candy because of my darn braces. I got into character and was viciously nice to everybody. I had a blast!
And I'm going to *try* really hard to start posting more often. Yeah... *sigh*
Love you guys!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Whatever happened to global warming?
It's been so cold lately! I actually had to wear socks, slippers, a hat, a sweater and gloves... indoors! I can't remember the last times it's been this cold in October.
Living in the deep south of the United States I really don't see where they get this whole "global warming" thing from. We really had a relatively mild summer and now it's really cold this fall! I'm just waiting for it to get winter, then it'll be really cold and we might even get some snow this year!

Now, I profusely apologize to everyone because I've been SO lazy about posting. I've just been busy.
I got a job. I'm working as a stocker at a Dollar Store and I've also been reading a lot and watching "La Femme Nikita." The best show to ever come on Television. Even more that "Star Trek: The Next Generation." *hides*
Operations and Madeline are so cannon. And Berkoff and Nikita are so... fannon. I wish it were cannon but alas. *cries* So yeah, I'm obsessed. I find some relevance to it in almost every conversation!
I'm still trying to decide what my favorite episode is though, "Noise," "Hell Hath No Fury," "Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate" or "Four Light Years Farther." Meep! I just love them all!
Oh well! I'm leaving tomorrow for Florida and I will be gone for a week.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Edward VI!
Today it's been 469 years since the birth of Edward VI. So happy birthday!
Now I've got some news. I'm trying to talk my parents into letting me go over seas to finish High School. I'm wanting to attend Christ's Hospital, which was founded by Edward VI.
I've been studying hard and I'm going to try to get more active and wake up and go to sleep more early. I want to show my parents that this is something I really want to do, and I am determined. They're afraid about me living in another country by myself but I am sure that the academy has good enough security. I'm planing on going to England for University anyway so I might as well get myself familiar with the customs.
Christ's Hospital is a reformed Monastery and then an orphanage. Next it became a school for pupils aged 11-18. It costs 100 a year to attend, it used to be free but they ran into some financial trouble. The uniforms are very cute to and every student is required to attend chapel. When you graduate you receive a bible to commemorate your stay at Christ's Hospital. I would live on campus, in my own dorm.
I really want to do this.

Tomorrow is Angel's birthday and she's having a costume party. I'm either going to dress as Henry VII (lol) or Scheris from sCRYed. I can't decide. Well I'll post saturday, maybe.

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

What A film!
Yayness! Well first off I'm home now and I got some pretty cool movies to talk about.

Movie 1: "Hush... Hush Sweet Charlotte" staring Bette Davis.
This movie was awesome! I can't say much about it or it will spoil the entire movie but all I can say is that it's about an old woman living in Louisiana who, when she was young, murdered her lover and cut of his head and hand.
You have to see the rest, I can't tell you.

Movie 2: "The Lake House" staring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.
When I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought hey, this looks interesting. But I talked to a lot of people who saw it and they said it was stupid and weird. But I wanted to see for myself so I watched it and I loved it. It had a magical feeling to it and I found it quite similar to the jun ai (pure love) movement in Japan. I give it two big old thumbs up and I highly recommend it.

Now onto other topics, I've been reading my head off lately. I'm almost done with "The Last Tudor King: a Study of Edward VI" and after that I'm going to read a book about Lady Jane Grey.
I love reading. I also wanna check out "Socrates In Love" and "Be With You" which are very popular novels in the [i]jun ai[/i] movement.

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