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my hero...my best friend in the air force...remember our troops!

Monday, March 19, 2007

the fad
hey wats new? im on spring break right now...got the week off which is awesome. im not goin anywhere, just stayin home and chillin...its these times i wish my best friend brian was here so we could hang out and stuff. but he is doin his country a great service and servin in the air force..so yeah pray for our troops everyone...go tit?

uh wats new...oh yeah the breaking benjamin concert was cool. all the bands put on really good shows. fun time...almost got me and my frend killed...haha. yeah. uh i had something else i wanted to post about but i cant remember it...sorry.

some new music that is coming out soon that i wanna get.

Chevelle- Vena Sera
Strata- [cant remember]
Linkin Park- Minutes to Midnight

all those come out in a month or two..so i cant wait!! make sure you pick those cds up...yeah you too you pirates.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

this is not my....
hey, wats new with 'erbody? same odl same old here....school and work and so on. but but but...me and my frend are goin to a breaking benjamin/ three days grace concert next week. im freakin' stoked. nickleback is playin too...but i dont care bout them..me and my frend joked that we are gonna leave before they actually play...haha!

also ive been buying alota stuff off ebay...my latest purchases has been sum under armour shirts and then a PSP. but not just any PSP, a white exclusive to Japan PSP...pretty sweet huh? yeah i cant wait til it gets here cuz i wanna freakin get nfl street 3. later, im out.

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