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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Too many people x____x;
Why must every one like me at the same time! >_____x!!! ARG! Right when I'm trying to figure every thing out in my life, and all of a sudden every one is obbsessed with The Brianna (The 'the' is optional, but alot of people seem to put that before my name XD Chris was jelous I got a the and he didn't-- That's another story, nvm x_o;)

ANYWAYS... Why x___________X! I have about -thinks- I forget... Hang on...

John might agian, I dunno...
And so may Danielle (I cant spell her name x_x)
Then Geoff
And I don't even know what Henry want's fro me any more.
Maybe my ex, Josh
Or my other ex, Hawk x____________X

So basically about eleven or so... YOU MAY THINKITS NICE BUT ITS NOT >_x! It sucks becuase they are all waiting for me... And I have to pick eventually... A-and... -whimpers-

I hate this...

I want some one to have for my own, I do... But... I dunno... I have so much shit going on right now, I just can't take it... -sighs-

Anyways, today was fun. Though my stomach did hurt for a long while >_x; Oh well. FALL BREAK! YAY!!!

-laughs at Matty and Courtney because they don't have one- XD

-not really- o_o; Sorry, that was meen v.v;

But yeah, Jake come do to visit me towards the end of advisment, so that made me happy. Though he did surprise me when he lifted me off the ground with just his hand and wasn't even trying o_o; He's really strong, meh likes it n_n;

XD Anyways... After school I hung out with Amanda and made meat balls (DON'T ask x.o;) then came home...

So now I'm here o_o w00t.

I guess that's all. Later guys!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

My stomatch hurts now x___x;
I ate too much at diner... Owie... But it was good x.n;;

I know what you are all thinking... 'Who the fuck is this chick and why is sh-- OH MY GOD, IT'S RENO! =o! She's updating?! THE WORLD'S GONNA END! RUUUUUN! O____O;'

Yeah, I know. I neBer update any more, sorry about that. I just have been busy, or am too lazy to do it XD But yeah, I guess I should bring you al up to date on my life, no? Well, here you go. I'll just make a quick list to go over.

  • My 'love' life

  • My family

  • The party of my life so far!

  • Home Coming

  • Anything else I think of as I type XD

  • Okay, so as far as my 'love' life goes... I have none o_o; There's no more Henry, John, Hawk or Courtney v.v; (I know you guys don't know about Hawk, but it's do biggie. He's an ass hole now, anyways n.n;) But I do have my eyes focused on this one girl now named Danillel (The fuck if I can spell names XD) I met her at the begining of the year through Stephanie and got to know her a bit better at Steph's party (More on that later)

    -re-reads that- Well, I guess I shouldn't say I have no love life, considering I almost always have some body after me. Right now it seems to be Matt (Not you, Matty, my other Matt >_>), Gabriel, Geoff and all my 'lovers' (Aka - My seven or so dates to home coming XD! Once again, more on this later on in the post) Just so you know, here's some stats on them all...

    Matt - 16, lives in Michigan (I can't spell shit) and has apperently liked me for a while now, and never told me x.x; )

    Gabrial - Almost 22, out in New Jersy, I swear he's so sexy @_@ But WAY to old for me. Parents would KILL me! >_< Not to mention a few of my friends would, also XD

    Geoff - I dunno how old or where he lives, he just told me the other day. But yeah, he likes me, too x.o;

    My 'lovers' - From 15 to about 18 I think. They all live out here in Colorado and go to DC with me (Douglas County, my high school) They are all really just my friends who are my 'dates' to home coming. Katie asked me first (Because her ex, Chris, is an ass and broke up with her for some chick back in CANADA!) then Amanda who says she 'has to go with me' since I'm letter her use my wedding dress. Then I invited Britany and Shela and then Henry (That's another story I'll get to. I forgot about that one) But yeah. Then I invited Dani (The girl I like) to come, too. But she said she wanted to go, but can't afford it. I have to find some way to get her to go x_< But yeah...

    The family has just gotten so much bigger! I got two new sisters, and a new baby on the way (Not MY baby. So you don't have to kill any guys for now, Matty. Calm down XD) It's all because my dad and his now wife, Jennifer, have gotten married (Just a couple weeks ago) So yeah o_o

    PARTY! STEPHANIE'S 17 NOW! w00t! The party was blast! Tons of ass slapping, mud running and sex on trampalenes insude XD Let me start from the begining.

    I got there about 4 or so where every one was doing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and drinking some soda and Ashley was cleaning (I swear, she is worse then when Henry comes to my house x.o) They got me on that stupid pad thing and I failed within 30 or so seconds. I've never palyed before, but it was still fun to laugh at myself. Then Henry came and he and Dani dominated the pad and, yeah... I suck XD Then we all went down to the park, played frisbee for about a second before sitting around and hittign each other. Then we walked down to Dani's house and jummped on the tampolene for a bit before she told us 'Oh yeah, by the way. My brother has had sex on this thing...'

    Every one: O_O! EH?! -scooooot to the side- YOU COULD HAVE SAID THAT SOONER YA KNOW! EW!

    Dani: It was like, over a year ago.

    Every one: STILL! >_<

    Yeah, then we went back for pizza and stuff where Steph's mom stuffed us full. Set up the tent and put on some music. (All after Henry had Stephanie's shirt on that said 'Party till he's cute. It may take a while'. And we all laughed) Then more people came and we partied in the tent. Now here's where the good things start ^-~...

    We all danced around and snuggles and stuff (Mostly me, Dani and Henry. Then Stephanie and Thomas)Then lots of ass slapping and boob looking. and kinky-like things and FUN n.n;; Whoo! Then we all went down to the park, again. Henry broke the swing x.x; Once we all wne to bed. Me Maradith and Cani had quite an interesting conversation about ass juices tasting like cherry and such (Don't even ASK XD It's an inside joke) Dani finally yelled at us for being too loud while we were trying to sleep and being cold. So I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled till we fell asleep. Uhm... I dont' remember every thing XD But oh well. It was fun as hell!

    Okay, so now home coming. I have all my lovers going with me and so fars that's about seven. But yeah, I have my dress and I love it. It's longer and open in the front. With an A-line top with speggetii straps and its a peachy, pink, yellow, orange color that changes in the light and when you move @_@ I lurb it.

    What else was I suppo-- OH YEAH! Henry... So I asked him to go with my group of people to home coming, and he said he wasn't going to go. But later that day when I read his xanga, he said some girl on the bus asked him, and suddenly he was all over going to the dance... So I cried thinking he just didn't want to be my friend or some shit. Then I just got seriously pissed that he basically lied to me about it. And yeah... It's mostly better now. But this girl best watch out because I already kinda resent her for getting Henry to want to come when I had already asked him and he had promised me he would go with me if I asked... Ass hole --;; (-obviously still pissed about it all-)

    -sighs- There's probably alot more that I'm forgetting. But I need to shower and stuff and get ready for school in the moring. So I will try and post again if i have the time. Love you guys!

    -Brianna Lyn

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    Sunday, June 19, 2005

    I am /so/ not dead o_o
    w00t. Update-ness >> Really fast one since I am lazeh bastard XD

    John broke up with me because he ish a fucking ass n.n Henry asked me bck out, so I said I would try again. But he knows if he messes up or hurts me one more time, it's totally over.

    Going to Cali the 30th through around the 10th for family.

    DANTE'S ASS IS FINALLY BACK, WHOO HOO! I missed him -hugs and thwaps again- n.n;;

    Nothing much else. I'll post again... Some day o_0;

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