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Hi hi...Im nekokayu im new 2 this site...thats why my site suks.But dont wurry my site will get much,much better:p Hi me again i was wondering if after you look at my site if you could sighn my guest book and/or add me as a friend...id really apresheate (sory for the bad spelling)it **gives you sad puppydog eyes** please 0.o


Monday, August 2, 2004

   Buh bye
Hi im just wrightig to tell you all thet im not coming on this site ever again as this name so say buh bye to nekokayu bye
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Sunday, August 1, 2004

ok this is really wird so yesterday i looked at my site and saw thet i had 4 fanarts (and im sasposta) and 2day i looked at my site and there wasent eny fannart button can you give me a little help can you tell me why its not there oh and team choax i drew you picture and if my fanart button shows up again you can see it...so bye for now...buh bye
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

ok i have one small question...this is for the FFX2 fans whos your fave charictor if you wanna know mine its paine shes so cool i mean i like her atutude(sp) her sword her out fit rocks on she has whicked necles (sp)
oh an one mour question whats your favorite game in the whole entire world...mines well i have 2 #1FFX2 #2 FFX...FF is probibley one of the best games ever..well at least it is to me...well buh bye for now and remember Final Fantasy is the BEST game ever (onese again) Buh bye

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ok the old ps1 game FF8 heres a question who`s your fave charictor out of the whole game...if you wanna know who`s my fave char i have 2

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   who likes lp brakking the habbit
Ok who here likes linking Park Brakkeing the habbit c`mon i know atleast some of you do...well buh bye :3
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just beat ffx2 yeah !!!!!
Im so glad i just beat ffx2 yay yay yay!!!!! the endings so nice...have eny of you ffx2 fans beat ffx2...comon leave comments PLEASE **gives you sad puppy dog eyes**...buh bye
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Thursday, July 8, 2004

   Chek out my art
hi i was wondering if you coul chek out my art...its not the greatist but i still think its good
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