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Sunday, July 15, 2007

   ^^ NEW LAPTOP! NEW PHONE! And I went to the drive in!!!
Well I had a pretty good weekend.. I got my new laptop!! And a new cell phone (even if it was a free weekend) and its AWESOME.
But I'm more excited about the laptop... I'll probably on here more often! So hopefully I'll get to catch up with my old friends! ^^ I've missed you all!
And this probably isnt news for any of you, but some of you should get gaia accounts and we can talk that way too. I love gaia, its a really cool thing, and its free ofcourse.. all you need is an email address and an imagination! Which I know you all have! But I'll stop going on about that...
I went to the drive in this sat. night. I saw Harry Potter 5 and Oceans Thirteen. They were both pretty good. Potter 5 was good and all, but I didnt realize it but when I was watching the movie, I was thinking book 6 not book 5... haha.... so I got all confuzzled. lol
But it was good.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm happy to listen to anyone, if you wanna drop the message. ttyl!

~Kitty (NekoChan)

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