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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow.... I should really try to get on here more often... T_T
I finally upgraded my phone! (Cell) And its so awesome! I love it! It has a camera and a front screen (unlike my last one><) I'm just so excited! Hahaha.
Um.... I'm 15!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEOOOOTTTT
lol. I turned 15 on sunday. (the 8th) I had a okay party... not my best tho..... oh well. The best cake ever tho!!! CHOCOLATE-Chocolate!!!!
Hmmm... What else to say...
I havent seen or heard from my bf pretty much all summer... it really sucks. But my ex has been hanging around ALOT.>< He wants me back, but I dont want him back. Its a hard... cuz he really wants me, and not as a friend... the other night he was trying to give me a massage, and then was trying to get in pants! I wanted to kill him right on the spot! RAR
Oh well. Lol. I'm hyper! and its only like 9 am... Thats really scary... I'm usually sleeping!!!! Hahahaha.... oh well...
Well I'm going to stop typing about boring ole me! lmao...
How is everyone doing?
Summers going great?
Seen your bf?
Ever had an ex like mine???

~Kitty Kat (aka NekoChan)

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