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Hey all. Like our name suggests we're twins... obvious really. Note for our profile; "A-" means it's Aidelle's and "L-" means it's Liam's, but you figured that out already of course :P
It's great to be here! Most of my posts will be my writting but some will end up being journal-ish I'm sure. But if I'm posting my writting here, it's for people to comment so don't be shy but don't be a stupidly harsh critic either, I haven't been doing it that long.
- Aidelle
*LA LI HO!!!*jumps on person* I'm just here because I wanna find out as much as I can about the different anime series out there and meet other people who like anime too! *hugs Kumagoro*
If you came because of gb entry by one of us, chances are it was Liam, but either way we sign them so you should know who it was ;)

Feel free to look around and sign our gb (for specific messages please take the time to tell us who your talking to. thanx)

Sunday, September 3, 2006

   Wanted Add, all who can draw please read. Please * Shuichi puppy eyes*
Alright, I figure lots of people here can actually draw well, unlike me.... so if any of you wanted to do me a favour, or see it as something to do, it would be great if someone would draw Will and Marcus for me (see previous post: "Seaside Play" if you have no clue who they are) It's just that I'll be posting alot about them and it would be fun to have a visual to refrence people too. So pretty please consider it, anyone, *puppy eyes again* It would be really, _really_ nice of you!

But besides that all goes well in my project and just to say the person who's suposed to lend me her CD's comes through for me I'll have my song on tuesday! *jumps around* Stress levels have now gone down. Now, if only I didn't have my independant projects to do in writting and enghlish all would be well.

See ya 'round

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