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Howdy! Welcome to my page!! Feel free to look around, post comments, im me, or anything else. I'm hoping that I can meet a lot of new friends, so please dont' be shy and say hi! I'm kinda weird and I know I may look scary, but I don't bite! Promise. Anyways, enjoy, ja ne!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Guys!!1 I'm so sorry!!! I have so much homework...

I'm taking:
Latin 2 Honors
Government/ Eco
Anatomy and physiology
Computer Graphics and Animation
English 4

so yeah.. lots of work required classes. My anatomy class is the one that is really a lot of work right now. I had about 12 pages the other day.... it was a lot, i'd show the picture, but it's boring. Anyways, so I won't be on much, won't be commeting much. but i'll try to get on as much as possible! Luv y'all!!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   me almost forgot
I FINISHED Angels and Demons!!!! WOOT! That is one summer reading book down! ^_^ Now just have to read frankenstein and i'm completely done! Oh yes, and btw, I will be commeting on sites, but not till later tonight, me too lazy right now! So yes, if i'm late, that's why! Later all!
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I'm soooo bored!!!!
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Friday, August 19, 2005

   Sixteen Candles....
Update on the whole dad thing: Well, I talked to mom today about her comment about him just being my "friend"... and my mom basically said I was being stupid and he understood what she meant. So in all reality I don't exactly have to walk up to him and bluntly say it. *ShrugS* So I guess that solves that.. kinda.. I dunno. Oh, and, yes, I know I'm 17.. I should be allowed to date, he'll just get over it!

Today, so far, was pretty basic. I just got home from going to barnes and nobles to pick up the book Angels and Demons and Frankenstein. Summer reading.. I'm a little late in getting both my reading books.. so wish me luck in finishing them before Monday ^_^

I woke up SUPER LATE today. I woke up at 12!!!! Apparently I was pretty tired from yesterday. I did a lot of walking and stuff so who could blame me huh? I had a super bad dream though, it started out all nice and cute.. then went into mass murder and stuff. Not the happiest thing to dream about.. oh well.. I'll get over it!

we got Direct Tv DVR... that's that thing you can rewind and stuff.. yeah.. pretty neat.. I know... that's basically my update! Ja ne!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   The Park
Today was a VERY GREAT DAY!! Scott go over his complaints about how short my hair is.. kinda.. he complained till probably the end, that's okay. Now, have any of you ever seen one of these spiders before?

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Well, that is a garden spider? OMFG.. we ran into one of those today, and scott made me touch it!!!!! I was practically in tears as he forced my hand towards that thing.. it was HUGE!!!!! Mean boyfriend huh?
Nah, it was okay. He was trying to get my "fear of spiders" gone.. but I think that will provoke some nightmares tonight.... anyways, nothing was more scary than that sinking feeling when we pulled up at my house and I see my dad's truck right outside my house... even scott's mom panicked for a second. My heart stopped beating. So, I walk in casually.. say hi dad.. pull my hair around my neck (just in case) and he goes...
"where were you?"
What was I suppose to do?? I look at him.. prepare to tell him I was with my boyfriend when my mom intervenes and goes
"she was at the park with scott"
"who the hell is Scott???" my dad yells...
"a friend...." my mom replies
GRRR I WAS SO CLOSE TO TELLING HIM!!! How awkward is it going to be a few days later go to him and say.. oh btw.. scott is my boyfriend.. ugh.. any ideas?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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That was probably about the same look I got from Scott when I announced that my hair had been cut! Someone was a bit shocked.. and not too happy.. oh well he'll get over it. I was suppose to be keeping that a secret.. but me and my big mouth.. it just don't work..

Well today was a pretty productive day!! Atleast so far, I did two more cabinets in my kitchen. We are adding white trim around it.. I don't even know if that helps...but so you know.. it's a lot of sawing and a lot of sweating. That's why I hate texas.. it gets hot so fast!!!!!!

Anyways, I can't put much of an update, I am suppose to go walking soon.......... fun. Ja ne!


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