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Well.. where to start ? First off I love anime (obviously) I also like to draw. I'm new at this kinda stuff but i'm goin to do my best to make a great site and also make great quizzes ! So please ENJOY and feel free to comment!!!

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   still hear !!!!!
Hey !!! Was up !!! How is everyone !!!! I'm sorry I haven't updated and visited anyones site lately !!! I'm still alive, I just probaly won't be on as much anyomre !!! Or atleast until school is out !!!!!

WEll lets see... I plan on buting a lot of new video games !!! I want the new Onimsuha, the new Elder Scrolls, Monster Hunter Freedom for psp... and thatz it !!!!

O yea !!!! I just recently got to an anime called Aire Gear !!!! U may have heard of it !!! It is really funny and a littlw diffrent then wat u might usually be used to !!!

Ummmm... only 14 1/2 days of school left !!!! I have A's B's and 1 D !!! I reallt need to raise that grade up or i'm as good as dead !!!! WEll thatz it... goin to all of ure sites now !!! see ya !!!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOw !!! I haven't uptaded in forever !!! I guess a lot has been going on !!! I have a joint school project in Englisgh and Social Studies, which sucks !!! I also have Homework like craZY THESE DAys even though it is practically the end of the year !!!!

In other news, I got a new cell phone for an early birthday gift !!! It is the SLVR L7 !!!! Ima really happy and Exicted !!! it can hold up to a hundred itune songs and has a lot of great features !!!! I think I might have a B-day party but, probaly not.. .It isn't till the end of May anyways !!!

Lets see... I haven't really been playin any video gamez lately... Well I guess thatz it !! I'll try to make it to everyones site !!!! If I don't ima realy sorry !!! see yall LATER !!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   TAKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey !!!! Was up !!!! Today is going to be really CRAZY !!! We have this thing called TAKS !!!! Itz basically a SUPER BIG ALL-DAY test !!!! I have from today all the way to friday !!!!! I think i'll do fine but it is going to be really BORING and LONG !!!!!

I watched Erueka 7 on saturday !!!! I think it was a pretty good begining and i'm excited about the show !!!!!

Lets see... I think i'm going to buy Onimusha Dawn of Dreams !!!! I have beaten ALL of them and O really LOVE the series !!!

Well I guess thats it !!!!! Wish me LUCK !!! LATER !!!!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


yawnnnnn.... today was sooo trying !!!! well first off I was up till 6 last nightplating Kingdom Hearts 2 !!!! Which, I have FINALLY beat !!! The endin was pretty good... the secret ending was really weird but, cool at the same time !!!

But anyways i'm really tired cause Iv'e been doing chores which I think break child labor laws and I also have been workin on a school projsect which I still haven't finished !!!!

well thats it for today I guess !!!! I'm sooo tired !!! so ima goin to go to sleep and wake up in time for naruto !!! see yall LATER !!!!!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

   Hey !!!!

Hey was up !!!? Well ima kinda bored here !!!! lets see.. itz the weekend.. I have a school project due monday ...ummm... I guess thats all I have for school this weekend !!!!

Well... I still haen't beat Kingdom Hearts 2 yet !!!! Ima kinda lazy and don't feel like playing latelt !!!! My Play Station 2 is also starting to screw up for some reason !!! I also have Final Fantasy XI online for my computer... but I haven't played it in forever so... Ima goin to start back up again !!!!

In other news... I think I finnaly know what I want to get at the book store !!!! I want to get Eureka seven !!!! Iv'e heard of it and i'm not sure if its even out yet but I saw that it's going to air on adult swim this saturday !!!! I also read a preview in a Shonen Jump magazine !!!

Well I guess thats just about all here !!! soo see yall LATER !!!!!!!

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   well... nuthin happenin here !!!

Hey !!! Was Up !!!? well Ima pretty bored !!!! I have been watchin a WHOLE lot of Naruto !!! and iv'e also been playin a little bit of Kingdom Hearts 2 !!! well lets see... tommorow ima goin to the book store !!! and well I guess thats all there is for now !!! So see yall LATER !!!!!!!

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