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~Sumimasen. Toire wa doko desu ka?

~Anyways...Hiya, my name is NegiKunSensei, and my fave anime is Mahou Sensei Negima! And, my fave manga is Negima! [obviously]

~I have quite a few sites with the name NegiKunSensei [such as on www.gaiaonline.com], but normally I use other usernames [such as NodokaMiyazakiChan, or MagisterNegiMagi]. I don't care if I am popular or not, Im just glad to know Im one of the half-million people who have an account on myOtaku and share one common interest; ANIME AND MANGA!!!

~Anyways, for those of you who like fantasy graphic novels mixed with comedy and action, then read Negima! Magister Negi Magi, if you don't mind that its rated OT [sixteen and up]. But if you'd rather watch the anime, you can watch the dubbed ones at YouTube, or buy the first six episodes in English at stores or online. [Its not as bad as the graphic novels] And every six weeks after, there'll be another four English episodes. The first series is 26, half-hour episodes that are mainly based on the first six graphic novels.

~Besides Negima! graphic novels, I also like;
Fruits Basket
D. Grey Man

~I also watch
KashiMashi ~Girl Meets Girl~

~Please sign my guestbook, and Ill kindly sign yours in return. ^_~