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Hm, I don't think I like bios very much... (Cuz I'm dull...)

I'm english, so I'm deprived of anime, and Xeno 1 for that matter, so I bought an NTSC PS2 so I could play it...

If anyone wants to chat, feel free to email or msg me.

Oh and, while I'm not particularly artistic, if you want walls, feel free to ask, though like I said, I'm deprived, so I don't know all that many. (Naruto & Xenosaga are about all I make, lol.)

Anyway, I'll shut up with my pointless waffling.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dunno, I'm still half asleep.
Um, yeah, I'm completely useless at writing stuff in here, I know. *shrugs*

Should Melfina stop by, I will do your request (though not for Tobi as I don't want to use manga in my walls and I can't draw), but I've been busy on a few other projects and haven't had time to do any capping yet. I will get round to it once I have some free time though.

Finally got a new job after the last company went bust. Bit more trouble to get to it for a few months until they move, but it is better money and the girls I'll be working with seem really nice. One less thing to worry about.

Almost time for my holiday too, so excited. Mum is too, which is good, since I'm paying for us both I think I'd be a bit miffed if she wasn't looking forward to it, lol. Can't believe I'll be in Egypt in another 39 days!

Uh, yeah, back to art-type-stuff...expect more walls to come, but I've gotta finish a fic first as it's gotta be done for my friends b'day, so I have to concentrate on that or it won't get done, and I can't really be late for that, lol.

Anyway, anyone who has stopped by, take care and have a great day! Laters!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nothing much to say, just realised it's been ages since I actually posted anything.

Finally got around to watching Shippuuden, so I have a few more caps now. As such I expect another Temari wall will appear shortly. She seems to be the only walls I make...

Oh well, take care. Laters.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am still alive...
Know it's been ages since I updated but I've been busy. I've been trying to concentrate on my fanfic, as well as being bugged by my brother to play my PS3 before he moves out the end of the week.

I'm also waiting for a friend to vector a few images for me, but hopefully I'll get something knocked together in the not too distant future, if I ever get any free time, lol.

Anyway, take care. Laters!

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