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My name is Nati^^
I donīt know what should I write... Hmm..?
Í am a normal girl in normal country...
I am from Finland... or Fanland.. Heh heh... No.. This is not Fanland, I think so... Or maybe if I think... No. Not Fanland. Finland is good.
In Finland we have very good music like: HIM, Nightwish, Negative^^
HIM is my favorite band<3
Or then band named Godsmack but thats not finnish band...
You can see that I am from Finland course I have many errors in my text.. Or could I say error in text?
:D well...
Write for me^^

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello world^^
Today is nice weather and I want go out.. But french test!!!
Tina says: " I want cookie, so give it for me!"
Yeah, thats my little Tina dog^^

I am boring... I have learned 150 new words from french...

Yeah life is hard now I go back to study..

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I was in Florida so I couldn`t come here..
That was suffering...
Oh hell..
Now I am home lucky me...
In plane was terrible..
There was many air pockets or is that air pocket?
And well..
Me and air pockets = Burhg...
In Florida was warm, and I just go beach and be happy...
But at home is much better..
Now I am sick I have fever..
Uh.. Not much but..
well tomorrow is school again...
And I have two test so I go study now..
Muahaa, thats picture on me..^^

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