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hey my name is Anita, as far as i'm concerned. I love cats and my favorite animals are tigers and wolves! i can be your best friend or you can ignore me! i really hope we can be friends and i hope you enjoy your visit! bye bye "hugs"


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Thursday, May 24, 2007


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OMFG!!!!! its like 4 days left!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! so anyway again sorry for not being on much but like i've said school is a pain and i gotta pass! ^^ but anyway i do check my PM box more than i post so if anyone needs anything PM me! ^^ i WILL get back to you! but anyway i gotta go cause im gettin ready to go but i'll try to get back on later! well bai bai "hugs" i love ya'll bai bai!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

   hey peoples!
well i know its been a LONG time since i've stopped by but i've been busy! i have to do some work so i can make up my grade in social studies or i'll fail this year! well anyway im working on all that! i probibly didnt tell any of you but there was a party i went to, my aunts moms 90th b-day!!! it was fun there was a really HOT guy there he was really sweet, hes from florida! hes awsome and single! he likes me so i dont know what wll happen but anyway, i got to talk to ryan and no i didnt tell him...im shy lol! well anyway i've missed ya'll! "hugs" so what have ya'll been up to? i hope ya'll have been ok! well anyway the only reason im on now is i have a little time to do so! so anyway i was talkin to a friend yesterday in spanish and he wants to get his nipple pierced! i have one question HOW IN THE WORLD COULD SOMEONE DO THAT?!?!?!?!?! i mean sure its hot on a guy but that would hurt like a mother! lol i'm NEVER getting ANYTHING peirced!!!! i dont like needles! lol so anyway was i the only that had a storm yesterday? it was awesome it was lighting up the sky and the storm made it get dark at like 3:45!!! it was SLEETING!!!! i love storms so it was awesome!!! and i know im annoying ya'll but im bored! well i gotta go bai bai "hugs love ya"


My give a damns busted!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

hey peoples! i am SOOOOO tired today! i didnt sleep well last night, and my head and back hurts! plus i now have the hick-ups!!!! this is really shitty!!! i should have stayed in bed!!! i want to go home but i cant! well anyway at least today isnt soooo bad most people are leaving me alone! im just so tired that the keys on this keyboard are blurry!!! well anyway i gtg i need sleep!!! sorry this was short and uneventful but i'm just sooooo tired bai bai "hugs" love you!!!


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