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Hey guys! Dang, I haven't been here in forever. I'll have to try and come check my site more often. Anyway, hope you guys have been doing good. I know I have. The year's over, and so I'm offically a Biloxi High School graduate. Boo-ya!

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"What a letdown, Ichigo. A real letdown. After all, there's nothing but fear reflected in your sword. When you dodge, 'I'm afraid of getting cut.' When you attack, 'I'm afraid of cutting someone.' Even when you try to protect someone, 'I'm afraid of letting them die.' Yes, your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. That's not it. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born from that. If you dodge, 'I won't let them cut me.' If you protect someone, 'I won't let them die.' If you attack, 'I'll cut them.' Well, can't you see the resolve to cut you reflected in my sword?"

----Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Final Fantasy XII (Yes, that 12, folks)

Final Fantasy XII Rules You All!!Finally, it's here. The new Final Fantasy 12 came out on October 31. And I had a copy reserved, so I already have it. BOOYAH!!! It is so pimpin'! The new battle system takes some getting used to, but once you get past that, it rules! And I'm only and hour in, too. Can you believe it? And so, in honor of this absolutly awesome game, I've changed my theme. Hope you like it!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

   Finally 17!

Final Fantasy XII Rules You All!!Booya! I finally turned 17! If ur ever looked at by birthday, you'll see that it was last week on Wed. Yea! It's totally awesome, cuz that means that I'm that much closer to being able to move out and live on my own. Yes! I can't wait. Anyway, peace out.

The Now 17 Naruto-kun

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Big Update #2

Final Fantasy XII Rules You All!!OK, I'm back. I'll continue from where I left off. I was at band camp, which was actually a little bit fun (more than a little, but I'll leave it at that). Anyway, earlier in the summer, I had found out that my friend Katie's boyfriend had dumped her when he went to college. I had thought that they were gonna be together forever, so that was a big suprise to me. But, I hung out with Katie and Cadan a lot during band camp. Also, I hung out with my sister's friends Ronnie (boyfriend for a while) and Alec. It was cool, and on the 4th day of band camp, we had a band dance. I pretty much hung out with Katie the whole time. Well, after band camp finished (which was a full week), we had one week of summer left. I rested up and then went back to school on Aug. 4 (sucks, huh?).
Well, back in school, there were so many new people. I think this is the biggest sophomore class in a long while. But anyway, I was still hanging out with Katie, but a lot more considering that I see her between every class and at lunch. So, school was fun. She also invited me to join the acting group that she is in called Acting Anonymous (yes, AA. Weird, right?). Well, I joined that and while at one of the meeting, she told me that she had been asked out, like, 5 times since Thing (her ex) broke up with her. Well, this kinda slowed me down, cuz I had been considering asking her out myself. Well, I soon found out that Ronnie was one of the 5 times, which didn't suprise me, because he seemed to like Katie and was trying (keyword, trying) to flirt with her during band camp. Well, he was told no 3 different times and was depressed. The thing was, after the second time, I asked her out and she had said yes to me. Actually, she had been waiting and wanting me to ask her out. Well, he was pissed when he found out, but that's beside the point. So, now Katie and I are going out, Ronnie has a girlfriend (MyOtaku's very own Cash-chan) and school is ok except for keyboarding. I so hate that teacher. So, that's everything up to now. Oh wait, I also got a job working at the Subway restaurant on base. Booya! Well, that's pretty much it. Cya guys! Peace out

A now taken (srry girls) Naruto-kun

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Update #1

Final Fantasy XII Rules You All!!O.K. Here's my big update for the last, what has it been, 3 or 4 months. Well, at the start of vacation in May, I just sat around, doing nothing. But, in the beginning of June, I got to go up to Washington, D.C. for the National History Day competition. That was so awesome. Anyway, got in a fight with a friend there, made up, and still had lots of fun. Went back down to Mississippi and then three days later, headed out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for my uncle's wedding.
I didn't even have time to watch all the Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes that I had recorded before we had to leave. So, anyway, spent almost a week in Mexico, then came back to the US. Well, after that, I pretty much, went over to friend's houses, went to the movies and lounged for the rest of the vacation. That is, until band camp. In the last week of July, we have band camp so that we can begin learning our marching band show before the shool years starts. Anyway, all the new people were pretty cool, and some of my sister's friends ,who are my friends, too, were there. Anyway, I'll finish later. Bye!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Still Alive

Final Fantasy XII Rules You All!!Yes, I am still alive. I was just gone and have had too much homework to do a real post lately. I'll have a real update soon. Bye!


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