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Hey this is Hailey! ^^ And I got this name from the fact that Naruto LOVES ramen and stuff so yea :3 also this is my youtube account name but my youtube name is narutonoodles101 so there is a little diffrence...and yes I have videos on there check them out sometime...anyway I LOVE the game Kingdom Hearts ^^ LOVE IT!!! Uh...yea...
Hmm what else...eh my fav color is green...fav type of music...eh...alot but HARD rock u know the type I mean...and ALOT of country i hate...I mainly only like carrie Underwood..and thats it i soppose...

Friday, February 8, 2008

I am MAD!
Today was a GREAT day at school it was really fun my friends were super awsome as usually (exsept one) But anyway it was great day ^^ ecsept for the fact that I found out that my friend has been lying to me for a looong time now.

It all started when I met "Tadd" Some of you know him...he had the site FrozenAcid...yea well as some of you know I dated him he cheated on me, I broke up with him, he came back blah blah blah.

Well what I didnt know is that it had been one of my BEST FRIENDS the WHOLE time! And IT WAS A GIRL okay EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! That discusted the HELL out of me I had no clue the whole time. I got sospicious about whenever I told her when I wanted "him" to come on "he" did but I thought they were real

I found out at lunch it wasnt true...HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO ME! I thought that someone REALLY liked me then i find out its my friend and GIRL that is gross!! I have nothing ageinst lesbians dont get me wrong...I just dont LOVE girls ewww I HATE her right now...ugh...okay well thanx for reading this...wish me luck...I have to deal with her ugh...oh and btw then she acts liek SHE is mad at me and my friends why should SHE be mad? God she is so mean! Ugh...I dont think i am going to be her friend but if you guys have any advice for me plz leave it I reeally need some!


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Friday, February 1, 2008

My opinion on "Barney"...
We all know him. Atleast...we all should...you know the big purple dinasour with the green tummy XD. yeah him. Anyway, you know that song he sings...
"I love you, you love me, were a happy family..."

I dont even know you! Why are you telling MILLIONS of people that you LOVE them when you dont even know them! And how the HELL can I love you wehn I dont know you either! And last time i checked I am NOT a dinasour like you...I dont even know what kind of dinasour you are...maybe a gayasourus I dont know! The point is...I am NOT realated to you so we are NOT a "Happy family"

I am sorry I was just bored and trying to prove a point that that song makes no scence at all if you think about it really hard...

that is all

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Friday, January 25, 2008

OMG! ^^
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