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Hi my name is Rachael (aka klutz) im a jr.student and im 13. im also major anime and rpg fan.On my spare time i practice martial arts, download anime music off of Gendou.com,reading manga (of course),or watching anime drawing too.

Friday, May 4, 2007

yesterday was about one of the worst days yet this year. ok first i was told i was failing 2 classes and today i figured out i have to go to tutoring for 2 weeks i also missed out on our end of the month activity may madness at school just because i was in the workroom to turn in somthing i couldnt play so my team lost in volleyball. then i walked homefrom school my dog comes happy to see me jumps up and bites me now i have a hole in my lip his little tooth went right thru it. elric330 witnessed it too and i went to softball practice like that and now im sore all over. our opening day is sunday and still dont have our uniforms.

ok im done complainig now

~klutz out~

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

down time
srry everyone i got a highspeed internet and we were having problems with it. well im back heres wat happend yesterday i went on feildtrip in school we went to comedy sports in chicago THEY MADE FUN OF MR.BECKER!!!!1 they made fun of him getting hit by a car twice and the pencil in microwave incident. on the way there mrs.janski kept telling everone to shut up and this 1 kid leyaris kept singing and mrs j said they were gonna throw him off the bus.mrs janski took someones ipod and was listening to it + she asked fo someones phone was calling other kids on the bus. well g2g.

o yea remember use commen sense its the most uncomen thing in the world

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

new awsome game
Disgaea 2 cursd memories is awsome its kinda like final fantasy tactics it can get really funny at times. ok heres what its about an evil demon overlord named Zenon put a curse on all the humans in the world which turned them in to all demons or monsters and the only human left who wasnt affected by zenons curse is Adell(main character) there is this one person in there named etna she is so abusive shes a demon lord. o yea did i mention there exploding penguins (they explode when thrown)in there they say dood after every thing. ok and they are coming out with a anime for the first one.
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