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Monday, December 10, 2007

   Sry for not being on but i have lots to tell you guys

Mood: alright mostly bord
Time: 5:45pm
Weather: really dark and cold
Listining to: nothing
Doing: talking on the phone with my bf
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Konichiwa pplz!!!

Hiya!!! Wow I haven't reposted in a while! Huh? Well sorry for that I've been busy with school,
hwk ,and finals comming up so yea I've been really occupied. Well as you might already know I
have a new bf...thats right my 3rd one this year lol but I think Im sticking with this one since he
is like my total fave boyfriend ever!!! He's like the boy I could ever dream of lol.

Well its almost X-mas soo yea Im gonna be in Hawaii for the winter breake. Im leaving in 2 weeks
so yea Im not done packing yet. Well my mom and my bros will be leaving tomarrow night so yea its
just gonna be me and my dad for a while then we meet them back in Hawaii. Oh yea and today was me
and my bf's 3 month anaversary...sorry if I spelled that wrong Im still not a good speller ya know lol.

Mkay Im gonna spill something today. Well ya know my bf has a best friend and I met him and introdused
him to my friend (Mizaki) a few months back I guess lol, and well she sorta has a huge crush on him lol ^=^
I shouldn't be trusted with this kind of seacret. Well yea so me and my bf are like trying to get them to go out
even tho they might be just 2 grades apart, and he might just be one year and 3 months apart.

So keep that on the dl k she don't know that I'm telling u guys this lol. Ne wayz how have u guys been?
Man!! its been such a while since I last talked to u guys. Well ne thing new happend? Well I have lotz to tell you
that happend maybe someday I should tell you how me and my bf got together its sorta a funny story really hehe

K my love life is doing great and be4 I 4get his name is Joseph Cruz. Yup hes filipino like me and mizaki and
hes just the greatest ever!!! Hes my sweety...lol ^-^ even tho he doesn't do much he still the fave guy I luv.
Well yea I guess thats all I can tell yea cuz Im getting tired of typing alot so pretty much yea. g2g I'll repost
when ever I can k.

Ja-Ne!!! Bie bie!!!

*hehe my bf gave me that nickname its either that or
his little angel*

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