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hey peoples! x3 it is i,be-sama of the real world. i will try to draw pretty things. if thats possible. remember misha and kotarou? you otaku legends and seniors? hm.welll...

1)i have been drawing since i was 10. and now im turning 14 soon. ;-;
2)i have over 200 manga. and i do not know why i waste all the money for.
3)i have been to 3 anime cons. yes.
4)i have cosplayed 2 times. as ichigo and sakura.
5)haruhi is fun to draw. :D

Thursday, February 21, 2008

   i shall draw..
-death note
-suzumiya haruhi
-higurashi no naku koro ni [I REALLY WANNA O_O]


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Friday, February 15, 2008

i have been sick since like saturday. which i shouldve known..since i went to play ddr and got tired after my first game..since im on expert i usually get tired after 3 games.. *sigh*

1)i hate being sick. i cant sing or laugh! >_<
2)cant do anything. at all.
3)GRR. -_-

i've got some questions.

1)dubbed or subbed?
2)do you buy anime?
i dont. i feel like im supporting the dub. which i hate.
3)scanlations or buying it at borders?
lol both. i like readin em before i buy it.

i think im gonna go watch anime in crunchyroll. ;-;

a person wants me to draw those result piccys for quizilla. o.O im not THAT good.

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