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By ichigopopsicle at 2007-10-01

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

shoowap since some people have Messaged
me asking what the theme of my site was I thought I'd
tell you all xD
Well the anime is called Air.
Its one of the saddest anime's
I've watched, Sometime even
listening to the OST for it makes me
sniffle. But yeah the creator
of this anime (I don't know
his/her name D:) also made
anime called Kanon which is
equally (maybe even more) as sad
as Air TV. So if you feel like crying
then watch these anime's. Though
in the beginning of each its a
bit slow but happy. and their
funny at times x3
But yup I don't really have anything to post other
then that

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Okay I'm considering this
as my first official post
Since my site is all done
with and what not all I
Need now is the code to
get rid of the stuff on
the side. But yup. Oh yeah
I guess I'll cruise around
sites today and sign some GBs
and in case any of you are
wondering this isn't a
second account. I just
got a lot of help from a
friend of mine ^^ He knows
a lot about computers and what
Bye buu!

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