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This is a profile i named Sad most of the things that happen in my life will be posted here i hope you find my life as odd and incriminating as the next guys but i am probably worse then anyone you will ever meet i have had extensive Kendo training and i still act like a 5 year old so till next time PEACE!!!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Been a long time since i have updated i think it is time i should here is what has been happening lately.

Time Posted:3:10

Ok so this is what happened i was walking up to the store it is about a mile from where i live me and my friend Jordan (Brother from another mother and father)and i am going to buy him a pack of cigarettes because he is like fiending worse then a crackhead in rehab for a cigarette,
well the whole way there we walked on the gravelle path and he decided to show me this trick or not really a trick just somthing he does for fun on a gravelle path if he is not by hiself...what is it you ask? ask no further he decides to kick a pile of rocks at cars as they are going by i know we bust the windshield on the Mustang (first car hit) and you would think they would turn around and pick a fight but no THEY KEPT GOING!so we did it the whole way to the store and amazingly no one STOPPED TO FIGHT!
And i was like in the store going damn i wanted to fight so we bought some cigs and some Kool-Aid and not only on the way back were we kicking rocks but squirting Kool-Aid and throwing cigarette butts and we were six houses down from where I lived and we just stop right there it is already dark outside and we start digging our feet into the ground and we get our whole entire foot covered in rocks and then we hit a car dead on and broke pretty much all the windows out and the fucker stops and turns around and i was ready to fight but that motherfucker Jordan RAN FOR IT!! and there was two guys in there and i wanted to fight a one on one or somthing so i followed him and since we had black shirts on we were easily hidden and they stayed there circling that area so we just walked throught the path in the woods and made it home it was pretty damn funny i think.

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