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Friday, January 24, 2014

   6 years
It's been six years since I last logged into this account. Last night I had a bit of a nostalgic phase and all the memories of this place came flooding back in. I couldn't remember my old password so I contact Adam(the sites founder) and he kindly retrieved my password for me. I saw that I had a comment on my last post as recent as last year or so. I'm amazed people were still signing onto myO. This place was such a big part of my childhood and the community was an amazing one. Everyone was so friendly. There are many people I remember from the community like Kikii & Faroe, 50 cent, Sw33tSamurai90, Yugo, Curi, Petie and the list could go on for days. In some ways I miss posting on here.

In any case, if anyone still signs on or see's this definitely say hi! Maybe we could all exchange emails or something and reminisce about the old days.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

   Still missin' it
It's been 6 months since I made my little reappearance on this site. I just log off and tend to forget about this place. Anyways, I logged on again and actually got two comments on that post. They were from some long time myO friends. Pretty cool. A part of me kinda wants to start this little site back up again and start posting. I don't know though. I was surprised I even got comments on that last post. Maybe I shouldn't though. Maybe it's better If I just leave it and always remember it as one of the funnest times in my life. Good memories here. Haha. Anyways, that's all. Just couldn't resist posting on here again. Haha
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

   Holy crap
Wow i haven't bee on this site in... well forever. At least a year and a half. I almost completely forgot this place. I actually remember my password still. Haha this used to be such a big social site for anime. I wonder if any of my old friends from here still log on? I wonder if this post will ever be read or just get lost in the series of tubes that is the internet. Haha. Wow this is so nostalgic. I kind of miss this place. Good memories from this site. I think i did this thing at the end of all my post, i'd say "See ya!" hahaha. Good times. So with that said... See ya!
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Monday, June 11, 2007

   Hey everyone
So ive been out of school for a few days and ive just been hangin out. Not much has been happening. How have you been? See ya!:)
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